Zeeuws meisje was een van de eerste hoorspelen die Marjolein Bierens schreef. Het is in vele talen vertaald en heeft verschillende onderscheidingen gehad.

Marjolein Bierens

Marjolein Bierens is writing for various disciplines and became internationally known by the radio plays she has written. Her work has been translated and was broadcasted in many countries. In 2002 she received the Prix d’ Europe for ’I Zeeland Girl’. Other radio plays such as ‘Motel Texel’,’Loubna!, Loubna!’ and ‘Motherland’ were to follow. She also wrote theatre plays and libretti. Some of her radio plays and theatre plays are being reworked into film scripts. Marjolein Bierens is currently also teaching at the Amsterdam Writers’ School and the Postgraduate School of Amsterdam. In 2010 a number of her radio and theatre plays were published in writing: ‘Monologen, 5 teksten voor jonge vrouwen en 1 voor een oude , (see publication)’.

(Quote from ‘I Zeeland Girl’ )

I’m just a girl from the country
every morning I went and milked the cows
put the sheep out to graze
and fed the chickens
Then I went and prepared breakfast
for the whole familie
fried eggs and made rice pudding for the little ones
and for the men I fried bacon
stew with fried apples and oatmeal porridge
After that I went to the barn to do some darning
make up the beds
do some dusting in the drawing room and put fresh flowers
on my mothers grave
Then often there was ironing to be done
collars to be starched
It’s is really amazing
what huge holes men make in their socks